What is Eewho?

A dedicated INGO committed to creating positive and lasting change by addressing the pressing challenges of poverty, malnutrition, and underdevelopment throughout Africa. Our mission is to build a sustainable future for all by embracing a holistic and innovative approach that spans the entire continent. We believe that through community engagement, local initiation strategies, and four transformative programs – Agriculture, Education, Water and Sanitation, and Green Energy – we can reshape the trajectory of development and empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives. 

At Ethana e’World, we firmly believe that true progress is achieved when development is approached holistically. We understand the complex interplay of various factors influencing communities’ well-being and work to address these factors in an integrated manner. Our initiatives encompass economic, social, environmental, and cultural dimensions to create sustainable and meaningful change that leaves no one behind.

Ethana e’World Humanitarian Organization traces its roots back to 2017 when it was founded by Agu Belief Michael, a Philosopher, Philanthropist, and Visionary, alongside his partners Jay Credo and Michael Macgraw. Inspired by the ideals of ethicists dedicated to making a significant impact through charitable giving, the organization was launched as an international community of compassionate individuals committed to giving more effectively. Over the past six years, Ethana e’World has been dedicated to establishing sustainable development projects in Nigeria, resulting in remarkable achievements documented in Our Achievements section. 

 over 5,000 women have benefited from our skill acquisitions programs. 

Our Workshops 

  • The Al-Bishiri Women Association Group, Chanchaga,Minna,Niger State.they are confirmed with 100 members logged in for Sunday 30th April,2023 at Al-bishiri Community Primary school,from 9am-1pm.
  • The Kulogbe Community women,Chanchaga Local Government Area,Minna, Niger State.These also are set with over 100 women ready to partake for the training on Sunday 30th April,2023, from 2pm to 6pm.
  • Yesterday Sunday 14th we delivered kulogbe Community also on milk, Bonavita and Medicated Soap at their second phase of skill training program Ethana
  • Nigerian Airforce Wives Skill Acquisition programme: In preparation for the skill training program with the Nigerian Airforce Officers wives on Saturday 13th May,2023. we an invitation for an official meeting with the Airforce base commander in Minna Niger State.
  • The Maitumbi Community women association chanchaga Skill Training Program today 2:00pm-6:00pm 13th May 2023@ Maitumbi Primary school Minna Niger State

Today we have a skill training program at with the chanchaga community people. Venue:Honly Trinity church, chanchaga Minna; Time:3:00pm-5pm; Date: Today,Sunday 28th May,2023.

Our Vision at Ethana is to have a world where every individual, regardless of their socio-economic status, experiences the possibility of thriving. We aspire to be a catalyst for positive change, driving the creation of a future where communities are self-sufficient, the environment is safeguarded, and sustainable development is a reality.

In 1995, the Smith brothers founded the National Holocaust Centre in the United Kingdom to teach current and future generations to carefully examine and learn from past tragedies. However, as genocide and crimes against humanity continued through the 1990’s in places like Bosnia, Rwanda and Kosovo, the Smith brothers reached two conclusions:

1) remembrance of past atrocities, such as the Holocaust Centre, was not sufficient to prevent future genocides; and
2) there are predictable steps that lead to genocide and this holds the key to prevention.

With this information, they carried forward their deep commitment to the prevention of genocide and other atrocities by founding The Aegis Trust.

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