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Our work

Eewho is an international organization dedicated to preventing genocide. Eewho pays tribute to the memory of genocide victims and provides opportunities for students, professionals, decision-makers, and the broader public to connect with survivors and gain valuable insights from their experiences. Our core mission revolves around fostering long-term peace through education, where we actively encourage communities to transition from mindsets characterized by mistrust and prejudice to a stance of shared responsibility for peace and stability. Furthermore, Eewho extends support to survivors facing challenging circumstances as they embark on the journey of rebuilding their lives.


"We encountered setbacks in Rwanda and Srebrenica, but your work is paving the way for a distinct future. Today, I am filled with emotions and motivation."


From working with students and schools to responding to situations where mass atrocities threaten today, there’s a huge amount Eewho does. Find out more here.

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